INFORE at the 1st Maritime Situational Awareness workshop in Lerici, Italy

19 Oct 2019 -

MarineTraffic participated in the 1st Situational awareness workshop in Lerici, Italy on 8-10 October. This technical workshop aimed to present and discuss advanced technologies, innovative concepts, and emerging scientific challenges with respect to current and future Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA) operational needs. MarineTraffic presented two papers; a paper on “A data-driven approach on Maritime Anomaly Detection” and “Monitoring marine protected areas using data fusion and AI techniques” . As a NITEC19 innovation challenge winner, MarineTraffic also had the opportunity to demo the Anomaly Detection platform. During the workshop, the exploitation of AIS data was a topic covered by several scientific sessions.

The workshop was very interesting and attracted participants from world-leading institutions, companies, and academic research groups that presented their most recent activities related to Maritime Situational Awareness . State-of-the-art research and development activities were presented, covering topics such as the use of Radar systems in applications, Radar signal processing, Deep Learning and Classification, Maritime Unmanned Systems, Artificial Intelligence for MSA and Anomaly Detection and Behavioural Analysis. The demo session was also very interesting, giving the participants the opportunity to have hands-on experience with the presented tools. In this context, the MarineTraffic Anomaly Detection platform was demonstrated at a dedicated booth, attracting potential users and collecting constructive feedback that will be valuable for the development of the MSA use case of INFORE project.

The workshop was co-organised by the EU projects Ranger and MARISA, that are closely related to the MSA use case of INFORE. The project members from MarineTraffic had the opportunity to attend the related presentations and engage in discussions for potential collaboration between the consortia of INFORE, Ranger, MARISA and Ocean2020.

Since the venue of the workshop was very close to La Spezia, NATO-CMRE premises and also the location were the WP3 experiments will be carried out, after the workshop a bilateral meeting was also organised between MarineTraffic and CMRE. The representatives from the two INFORE partners discussed the progress made so far in the context of the MSA use case of INFORE, aligned their efforts and planned for the future WP3 developments for the months ahead.

This project has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825070.

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